šŸ“ŽBusiness Model

KERC earns its revenues from the returns of the traditional businesses it invests in and the profits from these businesses are used to pay holders the USDC rewards on a monthly basis. With investor funds from token sales, our primary method of growth will be to acquire underperforming, mismanaged, or misstructured traditional assets and implement various growth levers of economies of scale and increase of the types of payors.

KERC shall employ five (5) key revenue streams in order to create long-term and sustainable profits for our investors and to also sustain our rewards systems.

How The Operating Business Generates Income

We generate income from operations through our brick-and-mortar healthcare businesses.

There are five (5) core methods of revenue acquisition: (1) Provision of Medical Services: Fee from services provided by medical personnel, sale of medication, sale of diagnostic, imaging, and x-ray services, and sale of laboratory services. (2) Healthcare-as-a-Subscription: Fee from members for member-based healthcare services. (3) Automation-as-a-Service: Fee from other practitioners for practice-automation software. (4) Managed Services: Revenue share from managing practices of other investors. (5) Pharmaceutical Sales: Fee from prescribed and OTC medications prescribed to patients.

Performance-based Team Incentives

To ensure that KERC's management is high-incentivized to work with and for our KERC holders to ensure that profits (i.e. returns) are maximized for the investors every month.

The KERC management team will draw a base management fee from the protocol with the bonus portion being performance-driven earnings, subject to the following:


0% of Base Salary

<3.0% ROI per month

On the following month

25% of Base Salary

>3.0%, <4.0% ROI per month

On the following month

50% of Base Salary

>4.0%, <5.0% ROI per month

On the following month

100% of Base Salary

>5.0% ROI per month

On the following month

The team's base salary amount and member size will be reflected in the monthly reports. Team Bonuses are paid out every Quarter based on a targeted earning structure.

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