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⚖️Dynamic OTC System

Trade KERC without liquidity pressures

What is OTC?

OTC, or Over-the-Counter, is the process of a decentralized market in which market participants trade stocks, commodities, currencies, or other instruments directly between two parties and without an exchange or broker.

Why We Decided to Use an OTC as Our Approach

To eliminate and remove the potential of any PONZINOMICS, KERC does not aim to lock up an of our holders' investments in an NFT or Node. The core reason is that we want to ensure the effectiveness of capital deployed is done to maximize the USDC rewards (on a monthly basis) of the holders. In doing so, being crypto investors ourselves (as the founding team) for many years, and through various financial modelings and experiences in hundreds of other projects (as investors), we have come to a realization that other approaches (albeit done in other projects) in the context of transforming traditional healthcare into a crypto investment cannot function effectively or efficiently (whilst ensuring NO PONZINOMICS).

Therefore, to the benefit of the holders, in both the short- and long-term, as it relates to the sustainability of the token value and the rewards associated with each token, we have designed a system that ensures the growth of KERC without the risk of a token run (essentially, eliminating the future value of the token) whilst ensuring liquidity for holders. Our Dynamic OTC system is more akin to the bond pricing market.

How It Works

The Token Trading Mechanism: On our website's OTC page, holders shall be able to list the amount of KERC tokens held that they would like to transact at their desired price. The purchase or sale order will be listed on the OTC market and shall be completed dynamically that may be bought in partial quantities by existing holders or new investors.

The OTC page on KERC's website allows token holders to list the quantity of $KERC they wish to transact at their desired price. The sale order will be listed on the OTC market and can be purchased in full, dynamically and in partial quantities, by existing holders and new investors.

This approach provides greater flexibility and liquidity for our token holders, allowing them to efficiently transact in a secure and reliable environment. We believe that this functionality will help to enhance the value proposition of KERC tokens and support our efforts to build a vibrant and sustainable ecosystem.

The Benchmark Pricing Setting: KERC, through its protocol, will issue (on a daily basis) a fixed number of tokens based on the calculated market prize through a proprietary formula to:

(a) Establish a market price for the tokens on an ongoing basis subject to the existing trades; and (b) To create an additional war chest to be utilized for liquidity or growth purposes.

Notwithstanding the above, the market price shall not restrict a holder in determining his/her own selling price on a willing buyer, willing seller basis. The market price shall act as a guide for historical trade prices within a given period.

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